Thursday, March 19, 2015

Awarded answers to the following questions

Integrating Shopping, Payment Processor And Auto Delivery Of Items Off Your Website?

How do you start a "Group" on Facebook?

Is the dress on the internet blue & black or white & gold? even better who really cares anyway

When the Webanswers site has been down for awhile...

Tips how to make money online on WebAnswers

The most important thing you will need to do is to be active.

Now this doesn't mean that you have to spend whole day answering questions. It means that you have to be active every day and answer at least 10 questions, so that your earnings don't drop down.

Also be active to level up your account. A chart showing each level can be found here.

Quality answers play big part. Make sure you provide  the best answer on subject asked, so that your answer can be awarded. Also when posting, 
check for spelling, grammar and punctuation, this is very important as it could affect your quality score.

The more awarded questions you make the more earnings you will make.

You can also earn extra money by referring traffic and new users to WebAnswers.

These are the most important steps to follow in order to have quality score and earnings. 

You can Sign up now and start making money and having fun all in one!

Earn money online answering questions on

WebAnswers is a website where you can earn money online by answering and asking questions.

The main reason you should Join is that is free. You don't need to pay any fees and there is no premium membership either. So it is a great opportunity to have fun and earn some extra cash.

When answering questions you can focus on subjects you are interested in and provide the best quality answer you can. The more quality answers you give the better the chance for your answer to get award. The more awarded answers you get the higher earning you can make.

You are paid directly to your Google Adsense account which you can link to WebAnswers once you answer first 50 questions.

For more details on how WebAnswers works visit  this link .